We believe in a God that makes all things new.  

He finds us broken and distracted and transforms us.  

We're healed and find purpose. 

Then He uses our lives to affect what surrounds us. 

But it's not just an individual thing. 

He is working in all of us, together.  

As His Church.  His City.  

We are New City Church.  

So how does it actually happen?  

It happens when we simply Connect, Grow and Give.   

If you hang around for very long you'll hear those words quite a bit.  

And then you'll begin to see how they work.  Or how He works through them. 

For now, browse around to learn more about us and please join us in person sometime soon. 

our affiliation

New City is a non-denominational church.

We own our property. We train, recognize and release leaders locally. We invest in global missions based on relationship.

We believe the Bible teaches that every local church family can be governed with capable and chosen leaders, yet we fully realize the need for maintaining relationship and accountability with others beyond.

While New City is led locally by the senior pastor and body of elders, we maintain close and extended relationships through a few specific ministry networks: 

  • Our own outreach ministries and planted churches.  Some we've started, some we've adopted, all of them we love.
  • Advance - a relational network intent on strengthening local churches in this region.  Three of our pastors serve on the Executive Board for Advance.  Our pastor, Bob Johnson, is the network chairman.
  • Ministers Fellowship International - a relational organization with international influence. For us, it's a great source of friendship, accountability, resources and assistance in leadership challenges.  Our pastor, Bob Johnson, is a regional director for MFI, often traveling to encourage pastors of affiliate churches throughout Montana, Idaho, & Washington.