You have amazing potential.

God crafted you and He's continuing to refine you.

Are you willing to let Him really get to work?

Here are some tools He just might use... 


    The Discover Track will help you learn more about God, New City, and yourself.

    These four steps are fun, interactive, and action-oriented.  In the context of group discussion and creative, biblical teaching, you'll get inspired to take Next Steps each week that are relevant to your spiritual journey.

    You won't just get involved. You'll get equipped.

    Attend Steps 1-3 in any order.

    Attend Step 4 once you've finished those 3.

    Discover Track is offered starting at the greeting time in every weekend service.

    Learn more by contacting Lana Culver in the church office (406-727-4849)

    or by CLICKING HERE.


    You will grow in a New City Group.  We've seen it thousands of times

    Each week your group will dig a little deeper, go a little farther, and get a little stronger

    as you lean on each other, provoke one another and pray together.

    When friendships begin to form, it will become a crucial support system,

    not to mention a great place for you to impact others with your investment and your story.

    Interested? Learn more here.

    Or by contacting Discipleship Pastor Steve Fleming (406-781-9306).


    Nothing will affect your spiritual growth as much as reading the Bible.

    At New City we use a very approachable Bible Reading Plan

    to help us stay engaged in God's Word together.

    Access it conveniently on our New City mobile app or you can find it right here.

    Progressing through the Reading Plan, we'll help you understand each book of the Bible by...

    • circulating videos from the Bible Project (
    • including an occasional synopsis of scripture in the weekend handout
    • hosting forums to discuss what we've recently read
    • fielding questions (using this formto address in the discussion forum

    Grow Classes are a foundational set of five classes that cover several of the most important topics in the Christian faith. These classes are great for just about anyone and will help you grow intentionally, and accurately, according to the Word of God. Find out more about Grow Classes here.