Hands-on care is offered for your little ones at our weekend services.

    Beyond offering mere babysitting, our fantastic team of volunteers will pray over your child and, in the toddler area, offer short Bible lessons applicable for their age.  

    Whenever necessary, one parent at a time (for sake of space) is welcomed into our infant care area to help your little one (and you) adjust to time away from Mom & Dad.  If your little one prefers to stay with you but is talkative enough to be a distraction in the sanctuary, live HD video feeds are streaming in our comfortable, modern foyer.

    Each volunteer on our childcare team is well trained and submits to a background check before they are scheduled to serve.

    Willing to serve on our childcare team?  Looking for more details about childcare in general?  

    Contact our Kids Ministry Director, Adam Monroe



Ages 3-5 are included in our pre-school class, affectionately known as Kidamorphosis <Kid-a-morph-osis>. Get it? Like metamorphosis?

Yeah, it's a crazy name but it basically means we know this is a ripe stage for change!  We commonly see a strong love for Jesus erupt in your kiddo's heart during this class; a class that includes stories, worship, crafts and really entertaining discussions with your adorable little world-changers.

Interested in helping out?  Want more details? 

Contact our Kids Ministry Director, Adam Monroe

kindergarten - 6TH grade


The GC Building is where your kids will gather if they are in Pre-K and above. It's a separate facility dedicated to our young people, right across the parking lot from our main building. Some parents are initially concerned about their kids being taught in another building but once they begin to see how much their kids are loving church, those concerns quickly fade.   

It's easy to see that some of our most creative, energetic and encouraging people in the church are part of our Kids Church teaching team.  Every week your children will be lovingly led on a journey of exploration as they learn from The Gospel Project and spend quality time digesting their lessons with kids their age.  

Our Kids Church services coincide exactly with our 3 weekend services so you can drop off your kids at the GC Building before you make your way to church, on Saturday night or on Sunday morning.  

Want to join the dream team that makes Kids Church happen?  

Do you have questions about Kids Church in general?

Contact our Kids Ministry Director, Adam Monroe