what is 21 days of prayer?

As a church, for 21 days during the month of January, we are committing to turn our time away from other things and pursue God in prayer. This time can look different for everyone, and honestly should! Some may choose to fast whole meals, certain types of food, or even media and electronics. While others may set aside certain times of the day to follow along with our daily devotional. Whatever practice you choose during these 21 days, the end goal is always the same – drawing near to Jesus and building a unity within our church. As January 7th approaches, we encourage each of you to pray about what God may be calling you to surrender in order to better pursue Him during this time. 


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Do you thrive on structure? Follow along with our daily devotional book, consisting of 21 days of devotional thoughts and prayer prompts. You can pick up a print version in the church foyer on the weekends, download a PDF, sign up for our daily emails, or access it on our app!


Along with daily prayer, we encourage you to consider one of four fasting options.

Standard Fast: Going without food for a period of time

Partial Day Fast: Skipping meals with the intentional addition of prayer & worship

Partial Dietary Fast: Going without specific foods for a period of time

Media Fast: Avoiding electronic entertainment

21 days of prayer events

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