what's this all about?

Jesus commanded us to 'make disciples!' No matter where you're at in your journey with God, this is what you were made for. We would love to help equip you for that very purpose. Whether you're a small group leader, leading a ministry team, mentoring people one-on-one, or just wondering if you're capable of any of those things, we want to partner with you in that pursuit. Jesus is building His church and leading us to the NEXT LEVEL in our discipleship focus. 

Let's do this!!


This class is designed to give you a vision for your role in discipleship, show you many resources that can help you grow personally, and bring an equipping to help you bring others along in your walk. This will also be a great opportunity to partner with other leaders in similar roles as you! There will be plenty of food and drinks along with some fun prizes! 

*Childcare for children ages 2 and under will also be provided.*

NEXT LEVEL will be held in the main building on August 28th from 9AM - NOON